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Carter Bells Residential Conveyancing Services

Our residential conveyancing department has over 50 years collective experience dealing with residential conveyancing. We have the knowledge to deal with most situations that arise.

We have a team of three experienced property solicitors which means if someone is sick or goes on holiday you will not be affected.

We are all based in one office which mean if assistance is required from other departments such as if a dispute arises then you can come in and see solicitors in the same place.

We have the local knowledge. Our solicitors all either live in or have practised as a property solicitor in Kingston or the surrounding area for many years. We can refer you to local property professionals who can assist with other requirements related to your matter.

We focus on good service for all our clients. This means we adapt to what our clients expect from us so if clients prefer to meet with us then we are local to them so we can assist with any questions they have. If clients prefer to generally deal with us remotely then we can send most information electronically to allow them speedy access to our advice. If clients like a mixture of approaches then we can send most information electronically but some crucial aspects in hard copy.

We do not pay referral fees to estate agents or other property professionals to refer potential clients to us. We rely on our previous clients and other property professionals referring clients to us because they know we provide an excellent service.  This means that there is no possibility that we have any conflict between our duties to you and any business relationship. We will always act in your best interests at all times.

Your matter will be dealt with by one of our solicitors at all times. You will always be in contact with someone who is legally qualified to give you the specialist advice you need.

Our pricing reflects the quality of advice and support you will receive from our solicitors

Our Residential Conveyancing solicitors are:

We recommend that you contact us (please click here) to receive a tailored estimate of our charges and any disbursements we would expect for your specific requirements.

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