Unpaid dept

Unpaid debt can adversely affect your business due to reduced cash flow. This creates uncertainty and in turn can prevent payment of money to third parties.

It is vital for any business to ensure that payment is provided to you on your terms through your Terms and Conditions of Business. For debt recovery advice tailored to you, please call our specialist team on 020 8939 4015 or 020 8939 4019.

The debt recovery team at Carter Bells is experienced, cost effective and efficient. At Carter Bells we handle all debt collection claims, both uncontested and disputed. For uncontested debt cases, we work on a fixed-fee basis to deliver excellent value for money. Our debt recovery team is supported by specialists in our dispute resolution team.

Our Dispute Resolution Solicitors:

The type of debt collection work that we have handled on hundreds of occasions in the past includes:

  • unpaid invoices
  • unpaid contract work
  • unpaid service charges
  • unpaid ground rent

These include claims against all entities including companies, partnerships, individuals and clubs for unpaid debt.



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