Probate services we provide

Probate services provided by Carter Bells

We offer a broad range of expertise to meet individual client needs, no matter how complex.    Our probate services can be tailored to meet the needs of our clients from advice on how to undertake a personal application to dealing with the administration in its entirety.       

If you are an Executor/Personal Representative (PR) we can advise you and ensure you comply with your duties and obligations to all parties connected to the administration of the estate, e.g. the Revenue (HMRC) the Court (HM Court & Tribunal Services) and beneficiaries.

There is no charge for the initial meeting or discussion when we provide only guidance on the process, your options, likely timescales and an estimate of costs.  If you do need specific advice and information in an initial meeting or discussion, unless we have advised to the contrary, we would charge a fee, calculated based on our hourly rate (further information given in the section headed LEGAL FEES AND THIRD PARTY EXPENSES (DISBURSEMENTS)).


Three Levels of Probate Service:

Full Estate Administration
We can provide a full administration service (including acting as your executors – link to Wills – if required so that you know that your wishes will be carried out).    A solicitor deals with the entire process.

Grant Only
A Grant of Probate is the document issued by the Probate Registry confirming who is entitled to administer the estate.  A PR can use a solicitor to apply for a Grant to save time and access assets more quickly.  The PR would do the majority of the work and our solicitors provide the legal expertise by, for example, completing the inheritance tax forms, and obtaining the grant from the probate registry.  This service is appropriate if the estate is fairly straightforward, e.g. if there are not many assets.  The value of the assets may not be relevant provided the estate is not complex.

Executor Support
Some PRs will have the knowledge and time to deal with some stages of the administration but not all of them.  They may need legal support and advice on some aspects.  For example, initial advice if someone has died without leaving a Will; interpretation of the provisions of a Will; duties and responsibilities of personal representatives.

We can advise and assist if the Will creates a Trust and provide information on the role of a Trustee and their duties and responsibility (link to Trustee Duties and Responsibilities).

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