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Estate and Succession Planning,  (i.e Wills and Trusts)

Following the death of a family member and if you are a beneficiary of their Estate, you should consider whether you need to make a Will or to renew and update an existing Will.

Our team are members of the Society of Trusts and Estate Practitioners (STEP) and of Solicitors for the Elderly.  We are compliant with STEP’s Code for Will preparation which ensures the best quality product and advice for clients’ needs.

Without a Will your estate may not pass to whom you expect.  Without a Will the administration and distribution of your Estate will follow a set of legal rules – Intestacy.

In making a Will you decide who administers your estate and who will benefit.

You can provide and protect young children, disabled or vulnerable relatives or where you may have had children from previous relationships.

A well prepared Will can save inheritance tax and protect against future care fees.


Powers of Attorney, Court of Protection and Office of the Public Guardian

You can choose who deals with your financial affairs and welfare if you need help or become unable to manage for yourself.

We deal with General Powers of Attorney, Special Powers of Attorney, Enduring Powers of Attorney, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Statutory Wills and Court of Protection (e.g. if someone no longer has capacity to manage and make decisions about their financial and personal affairs and you need permission to help them) applications.

We offer Attorneys and Deputies advice and guidance on their duties and responsibilities (e.g. making gifts on behalf the person who has lost capacity to manage their money).

We can be appointed as Attorneys and Deputies in a professional capacity.

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