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At this difficult time, when you may be struggling to cope with your grief, we can guide you and assist you in dealing with the administration of a deceased person’s estate to ensure that the estate is administered as efficiently as possible and with least distress to all parties involved.

We can do as much to assist you in the administration of the deceased person’s estate as you require.

We can deal with all aspects of estate administration including:-

  • Notifying relevant organisations of a deceased person’s death;
  • Preparation of the paperwork (including an Inheritance Tax Account, if applicable, and Probate application or “Oath”) to obtain a Grant of Probate(if the deceased left a Will) or a Grant of Letters of Administration (if the deceased did not leave a Will);
  • We can advise you regarding the inheritance tax position of the estate and take the relevant steps to arrange payment of the inheritance tax liability from the deceased person’s estate;
  • We can deal with payment of all of the deceased’s liabilities from the deceased person’s estate;
  • We can finalise and settle the deceased’s taxation liabilities with HM Revenue and Customs;We can deal
  • with payment of legacies and distribution of the deceased person’s assets and money in the estate.